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My Flutes

Brannen-Cooper Brogger Mekanik .925 Silver Flute


Serial #6888

French model, offset G, A-442

.016 sterling silver body

Sterling silver mechanism

Brogger Mekanik and Acoustic

Adjustment for silver faceted rings

Key engraving pattern F

Split E mechanism

C# Trill

Half-closing thumb key

B foot joint with gizmo

D# Roller

Pisoni pads




  • J.R. Lafin .925 Silver Headjoint
    with 14K Gold Riser and Adler Wings #09L089


  • Robert Dick Glissando .925 Silver Headjoint #237

  • Michael Geoghegan .925 Silver Headjoint
    with 14K Gold Riser #410


  • Burkart M2 .925 Silver Headjoint #975

August Richard Hammig Piccolo


Serial #7115

Grenadilla Wood

Reform Headjoint

Silver-Plated Keys and Mechanism

Point cup arms

Split E mechanism

Half-closing thumb key


Kohlert & Son Wooden Flute


Boehm System Flute circa 1892

Grenadilla Body

Nickle silver closed hole (German model)

G-A trill key

Rose Wood Headjoint


Aulos Baroque Flute


Grenser Replica

All Plastic Body

Tuned to A-440


Back-Up Flutes


Pearl PF-885 Handmade Heavywall Silver Flute


Yamaha 24S Silver-plated Flute (my first flute)


Nuvo All Plastic Student Flute



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