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Tango For Three (Hong Kong Premiere)

The American online flute magazine, The Flute View, held its second annual composer competition. My Tango For Three did not win, but it was given a World premiere by The Flute View trio on July 10, 2015 at the Flute by the Sea concert in San Francisco. 

Anita Mui Memorial Concert

I was very honored to be part of the Anita Mui's Concert. I played principal flute with the Hong Kong Symphonia for this concert. This video features some of my playing and cameo seen and heard on TV live. 

Wait There by Yiruma

Wait There came from Yiruma's 2001 album, Love Scene. The flute and piano version was first featured in Korean-American flutist, Jasmine Choi, album "Claude Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio". A Korean-American classical pianist, Huge Sung, arranged this version. This is a Hong Kong premiere at my 2015 flute recital.

Cioccolata d'Amore by ITO

Performance of Cioccolata d'Amore by Yasuhide Ito during the Oxfam Music Marathon 2013 event. Stephen Lee on flute, Leona Wu on piano.

Song From A Secret Garden

Performance of Song from a Secret Garden by Secret Garden during the Oxfam Music Marathon 2013 event. Stephen Lee on flute, Leona Wu on piano.

Grieg Violin Sonata in G

Thanks to my friend Christine's idea, this might be the first video of Grieg's violin sonata in G major, op.13, 3rd movement performed on flute and piano on YouTube! I have not checked thoroughly yet, but I might be the first person to play this on flute ever~ Stephen Lee, flute / Christine Cheng, piano

Scars and Scrapes Forever!

I first heard of this piece on youtube played by a good friend and classmate from college. I wanted to play this since last year. When I began to put together my recital in early March 2013, I decided to include this fun and funny piece~ Thank you Christine for the amazing piano playing~

Married Life from UP

When I first put together my recital in early March 2013, one of the pieces that I really wanna play is Married Life from the movie UP. Not only because it has a great piccolo solo in it, but also a beautiful movie soundtrack! This time, I arranged it for piccolo, violin and piano. Thank you Lorraine for helping out with the violin part and Christine for the piano part! :)

Highlights from Recital 2013A

I think I gotta give myself a LIKE because I put together the whole recital from zero to on stage in about 7 weeks! I really have to thank those who helped making this recital happen! I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Flute Quartet on TVB

Interviewed on TVB about performing flute quartet, what is flute quartet, what are the fun things during rehearsals. Flutists: Cindy Cheung, Peter Wong, Sandy Chu, Stephen Lee

Highlights from Recital 2012

Trying many new pieces in this recital.... including Hemelin's Nokia Waltz, Muramatsu's Earth, Franck Sonata, Liebermann Sonata, Sookjang's The Picture Of An Opaque Glass....


This is a live performance of "You Are The Apple Of My Eyes" at the Peak Galleria with my friend Connie Luk on piano.

Highlights from Peak Galleria

The highlights from the performance at The Peak Galleria~ Songs include Bach Gavotte, Waltz from 千與千尋,梁祝,Gossec Tambourin, 那些年,Salut d'Amore, Aria from The Magic Flute, 遇見,La Donna e Mobile, Minuet by Mozart, 愛不單行,崖上的波兒。

Highlights from Recital 2010

Here's the highlights from my flute recital on Nov 6, 2010 held at the Tom Lee Academy Hall in Hong Kong. I featured works by some of my favorite American and Russian composers. They include Schnittke, Gliere, Stravinsky, Taktakishvili, Foss, Griffes, and Muczynski.


This is a live performance at the MTR ARTS event. This is our trio: Stephen Lee, flute / Julia Tse, guitar / Nessie Tong, piano. 

Highlight from Doppler

This is taken from the Parsons Music Annual Gala 2007. Performing duet with flutist, Ronnie To, and pianist, Irene Chan.

Wake Up by Dehnhard

Performing this piece was a great challenge! Duet with an alarm clock could be very difficult! Love this piece very much, and love the Guo piccolo very much too! Thanks to Christine's assistance on stopping the clock~ 

Highlights from Recital 2009

Stephen's first flute recital in Hong Kong, featuring his musician friends and music that inspired him. Programme included: Bach Partita in A minor, Reinecke Undine Sonata, Martin Ballade, Rutter Suite Antique, Ito Jupiter Fantasie, Ito Cioccalata d'Amore, Lee La Joie De La Flute, Lee Lights Out, Lee Mileage of Love, Yokoyama Siren Sorento, Mozart Flute Concerto in D, Dinicu Hora Staccato, Bach Suite in B minor, Lowell Liebermann Flute Sonata

HK Flute Quartet Interview

We were interviewed by iCable Financial Info Channel because we performed at APM during the x'mas season. We were asked about how we did financially in 2007 in comparison to 2006. Just to clarify something here... I only said in the interview that "the money I made in 2007 should be enough to invest on a $100,000HKD flute"... but I never said I'm going to buy one yet!

Highlight from Burton Sonatina

This is my first performance after I relocated back to Hong Kong in 2007. Irene Chan was my pianist. I noticed that I was quite out of tune because of my old Pearl flute. This took place at the Parsons Music Annual Gala.

Le Merle Blanc by Damare

This is taken from my student recital in 2011. The performance idea was inspired by the great piccoloist Claude-Louis Beaumadier. The piccolo is a Guo New Voice piccolo. Thanks to Christine Cheng for the piano accompaniment.

Mozart Flute Quartet in D

This is a clip from our performance this past Sunday. Hong Kong Flute Quartet and Soloist Chen San Qing together gave the World Premiere of the newly arranged version of the Mozart Flute Quartet in D. The original version was written for flute, violin, viola, and cello. This new version was written for flute solo, 2 flutes, alto flute, and bass flute. I am very happy and excited to be part of a World Premiere!

HK Flute Quartet @ APM

This is the first video recording of Hong Kong Flute Quartet performing LIVE at APM. They feature not only the regular C flute, but also the piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, and the one and only Sub-contrabass flute in Asia.

Highlights from BearWithUs

This is a flute highlights from BearWithUs concert in 2007. 

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